About This Blog

“Well, who am I and what do I know about leadership?…”

My name is Ken Roybal and this blog will soon be everything I know about  leadership. Many of the opinions about leadership that I formed are from my 23 years as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department in California. Chances are I don’t know near as much about leadership as you. Then again… 

I originally started this as a project on leadership training after my daughter promoted to a supervisor position within her company. There was no leadership training provided to her. I felt I had been in leadership positions and involved in leadership training as a student and trainer  enough times to pass my knowledge on to her.

But how could I teach her? I told her I would start a blog that she could visit as I wrote down everything I know. So here we are today.

I don’t have a PhD or provide leadership training seminars for big corporations. I don’t have the juice to command huge fees for speaking engagements and I have no book to autograph for the masses. This leadership training is for the 85% (my brilliant made up calculation) of those who were born to lead and placed into supervisory positions from small offices to Wal-Mart to government jobs. This is for those of us who will never be chosen to attend command college or lead a large corporation. By the way, if you find a typo, poor grammar, or terrible sentence structure – remember, this is a leadership blog from an average person who writes his own stuff.

Welcome to leadership for the common person.


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